What are Angel Numbers & What Do They Mean?


Have you ever found yourself seeing the same numbers, over and over again, in a way that feels too strange to just be a coincidence? If so, there’s a strong chance you’re seeing angel numbers.

Angelic guidance comes in strange and wonderful ways. Sometimes the feeling is so intense we can’t help but pay attention to it. Other times we may not be tuned in to fully appreciate its power.

Messages from Angels are seldom direct. Their guidance and love are more often sent through signs and symbols.

One of the most common – and exciting – of these is Angel numbers.


Angel numbers can be described as a spiritual numerology.

It is believed that Angel numbers each carry a different type of energy; a unique message. These numbers provide meaningful communication in a cryptic form. This communication is intended to comfort, support and elevate us to higher levels of being.

When you are able to unlock these meanings, you will experience divine guidance from the purest of entities.


How do you differentiate angel numbers from “normal” numbers?

If you bare witness to a series of numbers that seem unusually present and repetitive in your life, or if you have seen a sequence of numbers that simply stand out, it’s likely you are receiving a message from the spiritual realm.

These numbers can appear in unusual places; clocks, receipts, number plates, signs, house numbers, phone numbers… they will keep cropping up until you can’t ignore them any longer.

The common patterns of these recurring numbers will bring about a feeling deep within; your intuition and longing to uncover their meaning. Once you fully understand and appreciate the role of Angel numbers and how to interpret them, you’ll be rewarded with essential information about your own needs and life purpose.


What are the different angel numbers?

Angel numbers come in both singular forms and in more significant combinations. The beauty of them is the extra meanings that can be attributed based on each and every personal circumstance.

At its core level, the singular angel numbers are:


The original number, signifying new ventures and fresh beginnings. When you see these Angel numbers it’s a sign to trust yourself and believe in your unique abilities. It’s also a number of positivity and exciting beginnings.  Psychic Matt Beech offers more information about double and triple sequences of the number 1



The Angel numbers 2 is about pausing, taking stock and reflecting. When you’re sent this number, it can be an indication that you’re experiencing pressure in your life, but that you need to believe in your own decision making. This is a great time to realign your goals and take another look at whether you are living your truth.



The Angel number of self-expression; here you are being told to let it all out! “It” could be a truth you are holding back. It could be a creative project you are yearning to complete. Or it could be an opportunity you are scared to grab. Regardless, this is your push to go out there and run with it.



Angel number 4 relates to the thing that forms the foundations in your life; frequently your career, your relationships and your health.

When you see this number on an ongoing basis, it could mean that you are not sufficiently nurturing one (or more!) of these key areas. It’s a reminder to practice self-care and remove any toxicity that is impacting your life.



The Angel number of positive change! If you’re finding yourself unfulfilled or dreaming of adventure this is your chance… go for it! The number 5 is linked to excitement and feeling the fear but doing it anyway. It’s your guiding light to take a risk in life and revel in the benefits.



This is the Angel number representing balance, particularly as part of your home life. What does your work-life balance currently look like? Are you spreading it in the best way? Are you happily present within the family unit?

Seeing the Angel number 6 can be a subtle push to make a change in how – and where – you spend your time. Be sure you’re giving your loved ones the support and attention they deserve.



This is one of the most spiritual of the Angel numbers. It tells you that you are in line with your spiritual purpose, and that if you take the time to step back and flow freely, you will be presented with abundant opportunities.

Angel number 7 is an extremely positive number, and the tap on the back telling you you’re on a brilliant path.



Here you find the Angel number of material and spiritual prosperity, and the ability to balance the pair.

It can often be a forewarning that a difficult time is about to come to an end, and that the journey on the other side will be paved with light. Angels are compassionate, loving beings; this is their sign that abundance – in its many forms – is on the horizon. 



Angel number 9 symbolises accomplishment and completion. Perhaps it’s the end of a substantial stage in your life? Or, even, the beginning of your soul’s true course?

Now? It’s time to start the real work; following your inner purpose.



Full circle; infinity. This glorious Angel number is sometimes seen when you are being your most authentic and experiencing a deeply spiritual, intentional life.

It’s a potent reminder that you are at one with a higher being. Carry on living your most conscious life.

When we consider the longer combinations and different sequences of these Angel numbers, their meanings become even more powerful.


Angel numbers open up a whole new, meaningful way of living, offering deeper guidance on how to heal our own lives. These sequences can be both simple and complex, with many different approaches to interpretation available online.

You may see double, triple or even quadruple Angel number sequences. It is generally believed that the more numbers you see, the harder the Universe is working to get our attention. These can translate into a stronger warning or a bigger sense of urgency. There are subtle differences between the added meaning of each number in its non-singular form, and you can find out more about that here.

Most importantly, the presence of Angel numbers forces us to be more aware and attentive to the world around us and our way of living. They are a gift that should be cherished.



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2 responses to “What are Angel Numbers & What Do They Mean?”

  1. gio says:

    great posting i see often thous numbers so i always wanted to know why i see numbers every where this post was great

    • Annie Corder-Mills says:

      Hi Gio, The Universe is always trying to communicate with us, to support us on our journey through life, and the Angels often do this by bringing our attention to number sequences. Unfortunately, many people have no idea of the significance. Glad my blog was able to help you.

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