The Spiritual Cause of Lower Back Pain

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The Spiritual Cause of Lower Back Pain

By Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer of Energetic Wisdom

Lower back pain is very often put down to some injury or strain but it is also important to give attention to the metaphysical or spiritual causes of lower back pain. Feelings, however, can create stress, which in turn creates tension in the muscles, making them more prone to injury. Tight muscles create pressure on joints and nerves. Very slight movement can trigger a muscular spasm that may create a memory of what you were doing at the time. However, you may have forgotten what you were thinking or feeling, as these feelings are the greatest triggers of tension and subsequent lower back pain.


Generally, we experience lower back pain because we do not fully express some emotion in which we feel conflict. By holding on to feelings we create tension to hold it in. We shut up, rather than speak up.  Refer to my blog and video on sciatica.


John E. Sarno, M.D.  explains the connection between lower back pain and the emotions in his book, Healing Back Pain.  By releasing the weakening emotions, the body no longer needs to express the pain and discomfort physically.  And this is something I am able to help you with during a private appointment, which can be undertaken over Zoom.

The lower back is our foundation on which everything is built. This is the basis for emotional support, a sense of security, together with physical and financial subsistence. When things go wrong there will be a feeling of injustice and being overburdened and under-supported. Lower back pain can be a sign of considerable resentment over the lack of support, short term or long-term. You feel at risk on a survival level, as there may have been excessive demands during childhood.

Slipped Disc

As a very painful aspect of lower back pain, a slipped disc is not, as many believe, a disc that slides out between the vertebrae against the nerve. It is a soft pliable material that squeezes out, like toothpaste and pressurizes the nerve. This only solidifies at old age. The pressure reflects the extreme emotional pressure due to feeling totally unsupported in life and lost in decision. The resulting lower back pain comes from a lack of support and feeling alone in the world. Not only is there a feeling of not being able to cope, but a self-disgust for feeling that way.

An excellent practical book that I found very useful for reconnecting with the body physically, mentally and emotionally is Effortless Pain Relief by Dr Ingrid Bacci. This includes easy exercises, breathing and posture.

Of course, I can also help you and if you would like to work with me, I can meet you in person or online.  Visit my appointments page for full details.

The Organic Cause of Lower Back Pain

Other sources of lower back pain can be organic in nature, such as kidneys (see my blog and video). It is wise to have this medically checked before drawing any conclusions.

About my Work & How I May Be Able To Help You


For many years, I practised as an osteopath, however, I noted that some of my clients would continue to return with the same problem.  This is what led me to the work I do today and having left osteopathy many years ago I now only work within the realm of metaphysics.

This means that, if you chose to work with me, I will look for the emotional or energetic root cause of your health or well-being challenge and we will work on clearing the blockages within your system and bringing back harmony.  You can learn more about my journey to the work I do today on my website.




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