Holistic Healing Can Transform Your Life


by welcoming holistic healing into your life, you can treat your mind, body, spirit and emotions.


It has become more important than ever that we, as individuals, are able to take our health into our own hands.  Growing pressures on the NHS and a rise in alternative medicines has resulted in holistic healing therapies finally getting the attention they deserve.

Because holistic healing has the power to change lives. It is the ultimate answer to a happy, healthy life.


What is holistic healing?

The term ‘holistic’ refers to the belief that the singular parts of something are intrinsically connected, and that the ‘whole’ is a crucial concept.

Holistic healing therapy takes this idea and translates it into the treatment of the whole person. Rather than focusing purely on the symptoms of a disease, it can delve into the mental, social and emotional factors, delivering a treatment that addresses these all-important areas.

Holistic healing therapies endeavour to restore balance within the individual, setting you on the journey to genuine health and wellbeing.


What is the difference between holistic healing therapy and modern medicine?

There are many distinctions between holistic healing methods and those that follow a modern medicine approach.

Ultimately, modern medicine focuses on the treatment – often through conventional medication – of the immediate symptoms of disease and illness.  It often relies on prescription drugs and can be costly, generalised and often fraught with side effects.

Holistic healing, on the other hand, is a lifestyle process centred on wellness care. It puts the individual in control, providing a full mind, body and spirit treatment that is entirely built around the individual’s unique and complex situation.

Holistic healing doesn’t focus on a single crisis.  It is a lifelong process that leans on the side of ongoing treatment and prevention rather than intervention.

While there is no denying the role of modern medicine for treating serious illness, there is also no ignoring the crucial position of holistic healing for majorly enhancing your quality of life and your health and wellbeing.  


The list of holistic healing therapies is abundant

Holistic healing relates to any healing method that approaches the whole person, natural elements and personal control and empowerment as a single entity.

There are many different types of holistic healing methods and you can find therapists in Dorset & Hampshire in our Directory.

We’ve rounded up five of the most well-known holistic healing methods and their key benefits.



Reiki is a popular form of energy healing that supports both the physical body and the mind.

Reiki channels positive energy through the practitioner’s hands into the most affected areas of the body, allowing energy to flow more freely and harmony to be restored. 



Generally, this holistic healing therapy focuses on the chakras and clearing any blockages that may have formed between them.

The end result is often one of relaxation, better sleep, heightened clarity and reduced stress and anxiety.


Hampshire based Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills has a very interesting article about chakras.


A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.  

by  Eric Micha’el Leventhal



Feng Shui is a holistic healing method that is grounded in the idea that our surroundings and the items that fill them have a direct and potent influence on our lives.

These items and spaces all attract a different type of energy (or “chi”) which flows through our surroundings and promotes different emotions and states of wellbeing.  By balancing this energy flow and giving it the space to flow more freely, we can experience transformative changes in our life.

Feng Shui gives us the opportunity to alter these energies to best support our health and wellness. Simple adjustments have the power to bring joy, resilience, better relationships, deeper sleep, prosperity and alignment with our higher self.


Image by Foto-Rabe



A healthy diet can have a profound effect on the individual, supporting everything from physical weight loss to mood swings, energy dips and clearer vision and energy.

A holistic healing diet is one made up of natural foods, with a plant-based diet well acknowledged as the key to positive energy and healthier living. 

And consuming freshly made fruit and vegetable juices is an excellent way to nurture your body, which in turn improves your health.  You can easily prepare these yourself and attending a workshop is a great way to learn. 

Visit our events section to see if there is one running near you.  Or contact us to ask if we can suggest anyone, as we are connected with a wide network of therapists.


There are also specific additions to your diet that specifically target aches, pains and general wellbeing. These include:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Lentils
  • Peppermint
  • Leafy greens
  • Wholegrains 

Essentially, holistic nutrition is about maintaining food habits that remain as close to the food’s natural state as possible. This means for the best health, avoid consuming unrefined, unprocessed foods.  And by consuming certified organic foods, you can also avoid pesticides and other chemicals that have been proven to be detrimental to our health.


Looking for a nutritionist?  Check out our Directory.



The beauty of meditation is its rich variety.  From sound meditation to movement meditation and everything in between, it transcends temporary stress relief.

Meditation elevates the individual to a higher level.  One where inner peace and harmony becomes the norm and mindfulness can be experienced in its purest form.

While guided and group meditation is popular and has huge benefits, this is a holistic healing method that doesn’t require a formal practitioner or external support.  It can be driven entirely by the individual and carried out at any time and in any place.  There are also various free meditation apps to help you.

Regular meditation allows us to become more prepared and better prepared for any stresses or issues that life might throw at us. 

You can also find meditation teachers and classes in our Events section.





Homeopathy is a natural form of alternative medicine used worldwide. It is a holistic healing method that is based on taking natural substances in small amounts to cure physical and mental symptoms.

As with all holistic healing therapies, the Homeopath approaches each individual as a unique case, tailoring their medicine based on individual symptoms, levels of health and personal history.  This allows the practitioner to deliver a treatment that is bespoke and has the highest chance of healing success.

As homeopathic medicines are all-natural and safe, they can be used (with guidance) by all ages, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.  It gets to the core of a problem, placing the power back in the individual’s hands and supporting almost any problem.

Read our blog about homeopathy.



Discover holistic healing therapists in Hampshire and Dorset by visiting our Directory section.




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