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Dr. Rainer Viehweger is passionate about empowering clients who want to improve self-healing from any pain and chronic condition, or seek holistic support in addition to their medical requirements.

Energy loss is the common root cause behind pain and most symptoms of chronic diseases and can be found on physical, energetic, emotional, and mental levels. All levels require their specific methods of support. Treating one level is often beneficial for multiple interconnected levels.


UPDATE 9th April 2020 – With the current lock-down in place, Rainer is offering the following online and distance healing options.

Bio-Geometry Bio-Signatures are made to support the body´s energy fields. They are geometrically shaped figures that are very similar to the shapes of our organs or parts of our organs. They were developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Egypt. To find more about bio-signatures click here.

I also offer NES Health informational and energetic analysis and treatment for people and/or their beloved pets and horses who would like to have additional support for their health and wellbeing during these difficult times from NES-Infoceutical remedies.

The NES Health scanning software is able to detect any underlying distortions in the human body-field. In particular, we’ve seen an increase in under-powered or distorted fields related to the immune system thanks to the NES Health scanner. The scanner can address immunity and can provide ways to support you — especially during these stressful times.

Find out more by visiting this blog on my website and/or downloading this free e-book.


How to regain your energy

Melt away your emotional conflicts with Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE)

With the help of the Reba-test, Rainer will check your subtle life energy levels.  Such as the charge of the aura field or the amount of free-flowing Qi that is often blocked by suppressed and unconscious emotional conflicts due to emotional trauma. PSE detects these conflicts. Special homeopathic remedies help melt away the active conflicts via resonance.

Dr. Rainer Viehweger is currently the only practitioner in the UK using PSE which has been successfully applied in Germany, the U.S.A. and Canada for over 20 years.


Psychosomatic Energetics Can Help With:

Food intolerances Fatigue, burn out
Asthma Sleep issues
IBS Depression
Chronic pain Anxiety, fear of school
Fibromyalgia Behavior disorders / bedwetting / AD(H)D


Melt Away Pain & Ailments Caused by Fascia Adhesions with the MELT® Method.

Daily stress and strain accumulate in the fascia and connective tissues over time and cause tension, imbalances, and stiffness. Later, chronic aches and pain accompanied by unwanted signs of ageing follow. The MELT® method is the first Hands-off Bodywork® self-treatment developed for the general public that simulates the results of manual therapy for a pain-free and independent life at any age.

Please contact MELT instructor, Dr Rainer, for learning how to MELT in 1:1 sessions at the convenience of your home, or to organise classes for smaller and larger groups in your area.


Further Methods For Your Support.

Sensitive Imago Whole-body bio-resonance analysis and treatment.
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Effective treatment of acute, chronic and neuropathic pain.
Trigger-Shockwave-Therapy Effective treatment for myofascial pain syndromes such as lower back pain, neck pain, some headaches,
tendinitis, arthritis etc.
Heart Rate Variability (NILAS MV) Tests the level of stress that affects the health of the autonomous nervous system.


Home visits are available, with the exception of the Trigger Shockwave Therapy.  Appointments are provided in the areas of Ferndown, Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Ringwood and the New Forest.

Please, visit for more information and contact Dr. Rainer Viehweger for all questions about your condition and how you can benefit from the methods he provides.  With his guidance, you will work out the best treatment for you.





Let There Be Light.

Dr Rainer Viehweger and his wife also have an online shop supplying the best marine (vegan and fish oil) Omega-3 fatty acids you can imagine. They are also very happy to give talks on the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids in combination with organic olive oil at health & wellness events. They focus mainly on the brain health of children and the elderly. Visit their online shop at


Interscalar Worldview.

The Interscalar worldview, a new term created by Hartmut Müller, sees the Universe as an interconnected network of energy and information in which cooperation and communication are the fundamental rules. Facing the enormous crisis in every area of life on Earth, Dr Rainer is convinced that the interscalar world view is one of the most important scientific theories that will be applied for life in the 21st century.  In response to this, Dr Rainer wrote his first book – Understanding the Universe through Global Scaling.

Based on the scaling law, Dr Rainer offers consultancy on a broad spectrum of applications: among others planning the best times for decision making, starting new endeavours, where to choose your business place within an area, when to go for holidays, when to study and much more, all based on the two super-stable light metronomes the human body and all matter is made of, the protons and electrons.

Dr Rainer is passionate about giving talks on the therapeutic methods he uses, and on the Interscalar world view. Please get in contact.




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