Zodiac Archetypes Course

Unlock your creativity & step into the ‘liberated & confident version of you’, so you can experience more joy, balance & abundance in your life.

In the Zodiac Archetypes course, we will be journeying through the 12 zodiac signs each week to connect with the themes of each Archetype, to help you shift and transform your blocks. This process will help you experience deeper self-acceptance as you learn to unleash and harness all of the parts within you – not only your strengths but your shadows too. When we move through life embodying the fullness of who we are, we free ourselves from the restrictions we put on our self-expression.

This process gives you permission to become the confident version of you, as we activate this part of you and build a deeper connection with yourself. This allows you to step into your fearless heart and overcome the self-doubt that is blocking you.

  • When we behave in ways we ‘think we should’ we shut down our joy, our creativity & our vitality.
  • Imagine you felt confident in yourself, what would your life look and feel like now?
  • What exciting ideas and desires would you pursue?
  • The zodiac helps us connect with our deepest desires, strengths, shadows & fears. With this awareness, we can transform and awaken to deeper states of bliss & acceptance within ourselves, as we move back to wholeness.

Each zodiac sign provides a doorway for us to walk through and explore the parts of us we feel disconnected from, so we can reconnect with the qualities that we suppress and hide. When we shine a light on what we neglect we liberate ourselves from the shame we have been carrying and learn how to express ourselves freely.

  • Do you shut down your creativity because self-doubt and fear of judgement holds you back?
  • Do you hide parts of yourself because you feel you will attract too much attention and be too much for people?

Let’s face it ladies, the most important relationship we have in life is the one with ourselves.


So how will Intuitive Art help you in this course?

– It calms the mind and body so we can develop a stronger connection with our heart space
– Helps you to express your emotions and ideas from ‘the inner child’ part of us
– Tune in and listen to our intuition so we can solve problems in our everyday lives
– Opens up the subconscious mind so we can understand the root cause of our blocks and fears
– Receive guidance and inspiration from your higher self so you can take action from a space of alignment
– Release suppressed and stagnant emotions you have been carrying
– Break free from your creative blocks and connect with your creative gifts
– Awaken your sexual energy so you have more vitality and can experience more pleasure in the body on a daily basis
– Feel more grounded in your body so you can listen and respond to your body wisdom
– Brings you into the present moment and out of the fight or flight mode that we often operate from
– Deeper self-awareness so we can attract abundance and opportunities with ease

This course is for you if:

– You are fed up of self-doubt holding you back from expressing who you truly are
– Your inner critic voice is loud and stops you from pursuing your dreams
– You want to experiment & explore your creativity at a deeper level
– You have lost that feeling of joy in yourself and that zest for life
– You feel frustrated or blocked in expressing your creativity
– You feel anxious and struggle to create time for self-care
– You are looking to transition in your vocation, seeking deeper fulfilment and want to explore your life purpose
– You feel scattered in your energy and want to feel more grounded in your body
– You suppress your desires because you don’t feel worthy of them and lack direction
– You are feeling disconnected from yourself and your core values

Part 1 – Your Inner World
26th August – 30th September

In part 1 we will explore the first six zodiac signs of the wheel, they represent our behaviours, our core needs and show how we perceive the world as individuals.

Each week we will connect with the key themes of a zodiac sign, through journaling exercises, meditation and guided intuitive art exercises which will help you explore and express these qualities.

You will also be given practical tasks to do in between the weekly sessions so you can fully embody the themes we are working with and gain self-confidence.

Week 1: Aries (Fire) – Passion, courage & the Power of Intention
Week 2: Taurus (Earth) – Abundance, sensuality & self-worth
Week 3: Gemini (Air) – Duality, communication & playfulness
Week 4: Cancer (Water) – Nourishment, intuition & your sense of belonging
Week 5: Leo (Fire) – Self-expression, authenticity & our heart connection
Week 6: Virgo (Earth) – Discernment, body wisdom & our commitment

Part 2 – Your Outer World
21st October – 25th November

In part 2 we explore the last six zodiac signs of the wheel, they represent our relationship with the outside world, our higher ideals & beliefs and reveal our soul’s mission in this life..

Week 7: Libra (Air) – Beauty, peace & the art of balance in our relationships
Week 8: Scorpio (Water) – Our deep soul connection, power & rebirth
Week 9: Sagittarius (Fire) – Faith, joy & the search for a life of freedom
Week 10: Capricorn (Earth) – Integrity, self-discipline & success in our career/ vocation
Week 11: Aquarius (Air) – Innovation, creative genius and our higher ideals for society
Week 12: Pisces (Water) – Compassion, surrender & and our spiritual connection

And the most exciting part is, you get to share the journey with other soulful women committed to their personal growth.

This will be a nourishing and inspiring space for you to be held in. You do not have to be an Artist to join, intuitive art is just a powerful tool to help you connect with the Archetypes and your emotions.

1 x 6-week course for £197
*Or sign up for all 12 weeks (part 1 and part 2) for just £297.  Saving you £97!

NOTE – (payment plans are available.)

Part 1 – 26th August – 30th September
Part 2 – 21st October – 25th November

Wednesdays: 7.30 pm – 9 pm *Sessions will be on Zoom.*

*NOTE* There are only limited spaces available so make sure to book in now:


If you have any questions please send an email to: hannahmarieillustrations8@gmail.com.

Or you can connect with me on my Facebook page:




7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


£197 for the 6 week course or sign up for all 12 weeks for just £297 Saving you £97 !

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