Yoga Day Retreat

How often do you take a moment to pause and look up to the night sky?
Have you ever noticed the limitless space and billions of twinkling stars?

Ancient cultures spent a lot of time mapping out the relationships of the stars, connecting the dots, creating stories, and giving each a name. Today, we know these as the constellations – a map that helps us make sense of the vast space that reaches out from Earth in all directions.

Ancient yoga philosophers contemplated our own relationship with the stars and gained an understanding of their movements.

Master the breath and your body will shine with the radiance of a star. – Patanjali

At our September Retreat, we’ll be ‘Counting Stars’ to help you connect to your own qualities and radiance.

We’ll use breathing techniques to balance the nervous system, take you on an exploration of the constellations through asanas and stories, activate your inner fire and motivation, and strive to find balance.

Book yourself a day of varied, uplifting Yoga practice, delicious food, and indulgent massage therapies in tranquil surroundings at Launceston Farm, nestled in the heart of the Dorset countryside, on Sunday 26th September.

Relaxation is closer than you think…



9:30 am - 5:00 pm


£129.99 per person

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Launceston Farm,, Tarrant Launceston,, Blandford Forum,, Dorset,, DT11 8BY
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