This Week

The How-To of Good Gut Health

New Milton

The gut microbiome is a complex community of over 100 trillion microbes and has the power to determine our mental health, our food choices and our ability to fight off life-threatening illnesses. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and autism, as well as obesity, bowel cancer, IBS, Chrohn’s disease and inflammation, plus many more illnesses, can be […]

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This Month

Polarity Therapy 3-day Foundation Course


This Polarity Therapy 3-day Foundation course is for you if… You are a therapist or health professional seeking to add another dimension to your work. You are looking for an alternative health career but are feeling lost in the choice of therapies and want to find out more without committing to a long course and […]

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Holistic Well-Being Social


HOLISTIC WELL-BEING SOCIAL Monthly Coffee & Connection With Your Soul Tribe     Do you crave soul conversations? Ones where you can discuss the meaning of life and how natural healing and practices have benefited you? Would you like to meet your Soul Tribe?       You Do Not Need To Be A Therapist […]

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Reiki Level One Training


An opportunity to join our Reiki Level One training course, with teachers Richard Ellis and Jenny Helliker. Learn the history of reiki, the reiki principles, meditation techniques, room preparation, dry bathing, self-treatment and treatment of others. Richard is an author of three best-selling books and a complementary health practitioner specialising in the relationship between mind […]

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Spirit & Sound Workshop


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear communication from the Spirit world? Have you ever thought you might be Clairaudient? Have you experienced hearing voices or sounds that you think are from your Guides or loved ones in Spirit? By attuning our senses to this natural ability, we can all learn […]

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Shamanican Women’s Circle

Hinton, Christchurch

The purpose of the Shamanican Women’s Circle is to empower women to reach their full potential for health and happiness. It is for all Women who want to commit to some “me time” and share in a mutual unfolding in a fun, creative, friendly environment. In our Women’s Circle, we encourage you to blossom into […]

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Gong Sound Immersion


Wrap yourself up in a cocoon of sound by joining us for this Gong Sound Immersion! Similar to meditation (but without the effort!) “gong baths” can help to relieve high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain. Participants can be sitting or lying down on yoga mats with blankets and a pillow to […]

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Laughter Session


Laughter brings us many benefits; physiological, psychological, social and emotional. Laughter sessions encourage laughter through playful, interactive activities, which bring about contagious laughter. The sessions are held at Colbury Memorial Hall SO40 7EL on the first Saturday of the month, 10.15 am – 12 pm. “Laughter brings us totally into the present moment, as you […]

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Phenomenal Women


An incredible day of phenomenal women to encourage and inspire you. Our Phenomenal Speakers. Sylvia Mac: Child Burn Survivor, Campaigner & Founder of LOVE DISFIGURE. She encourages everyone to embrace their body regardless of how they look and believes that we are all beautiful and unique. Fatima Timbo is a little woman with a condition […]

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Dorset Holistic Spiritual Group



The next DORSET SPIRITUAL HOLISTIC GROUP community event will be about why people choose to stay earthbound. The reasons as to why they don’t go into the light. THE SPEAKERS SUE JOHNSON-HEWITT –  Sue qualified as a teacher in Spiritual Philosophy in 1997. This helped her to mentor many people on their pathway, either on […]

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Womens Circle in Ringwood


Join our Womens Circle in Ringwood and explore and release whatever no longer serves you so you can grow yourself and your work while learning to Lead from Within. This month, the theme is Energy is Everything Our emotions are our personal energy in motion. The energy we are moving in impacts what we attract […]

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Yoga: Mastering Your Arm Balances


If there is one type of yoga pose which polarizes practitioners opinion it is arm balances. You either love them, hate them or fear them – maybe all three! Often this is due to there never being enough time in a class to take it slow, prepare the body, break the poses down and just […]

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