Mastering Your Back bends

Back bends are energizing and therapeutic but are often feared by yoga practitioners . And its easy to see why . In a back bend we are travelling back literally into the unknown – unable to see where we are going until we get there ! We are also opening our chest and bringing the heart forward – potentially leaving us feeling exposed and vulnerable .

In this workshop we shall
1. Look at the anatomy of the spine and the mechanics of a back bend ( not as obvious as you might think )
2. work through a full set of back warm up exercises to bring movement to the spine
3. work through the most common back bends and their variations getting progressively deeper
4. work with a partner and props if appropriate
5. have a delicious cool down and relaxation
6. have time for questions and discussion
This workshop is suitable for anyone with at least 6 months yoga experience . If you are unsure if the workshop is suitable for you please contact me prior to booking .
For further information and for booking / payment details please email me at
Please check my FAQs on my website for info re my cancellation / refund policy


Date : 17 October 2020
Location :
Cost : £25
Time : 2 – 4.30pm
Booking info : This event will only run if 3 people have booked and paid by



2:00 pm - 4:30 pm



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