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Would you like to reveal a happier, healthier version of yourself? 

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The Living Lens holistic health disk is your very own personal, on demand, holistic health device that can be used discreetly almost anywhere.

Join the one-day training and learn how to use the Living Lens to clear old thought patterns that are holding you back.

With the Living Lens holistic health device, you can quickly re-wire your brain with a process called Neuro Pathway Regeneration. NPR clears the way for a happier, healthier version of yourself to be revealed.  And, as an extra bonus, you will also be able to help your family and friends become a better version of themselves too.

You don’t need to be a therapist to use the Living Lens


“A hidden gem, like the ‘magic wand’ you wished you had hidden under your chair, the Lens locates the trigger, targets the bull’s eye, re-formats  the hard drive, and restores the system back to its full potential”.  Zoe, Manchester.

The Living Lens holistic health disk was channelled to Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills, in a vision from Higher Source many years ago.

The Living Lens is a small round healing device that is held in the palm of the hand, while repeating certain affirmations.  When used precisely, the Living Lens has the power to rapidly bring about positive change.

As an integral part of his work with clients, if you have ever worked with Tony, then you would have most likely held this device in your hand.

Transforming lives is a cliché and a big claim, but that is exactly what the Living Lens holistic health disk can do when applied expertly.


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