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Crystal Meditation Course

Kim Furnish is a Positive Psychology Coach, and during each week of this ‘Come into Your Heart’ Crystal Meditation Course, she will provide information about the 3 positive emotions Joy, Love & Serenity. Caroline Livingstone is a meditation teacher and crystal healer and will be providing the guided meditations.


During each Crystal Meditation, you are invited to use your own crystals, however, if you don’t have any crystals then it is not a problem.

Week 1. Positive emotion Joy, inner smile and joy meditation. The importance of feeling joy and happiness. Using the crystal Citrine.

Week 2. Positive emotion Love and open your heart meditation. The importance of self-love. Using the crystal Rose Quartz.

Week 3. Positive emotion Serenity, and amethyst crystal light meditation. The importance of letting go of the past and clearing your energy. Using the crystal Amethyst.

Week 4. The theme of balance and rainbow chakra meditation. The importance of aligning chakras into balance for healing. Using chakra set crystals.


All meditations are fully guided and designed to relax and connect you to energy, colours, light and your own body’s natural healing wisdom.

This online interactive weekly ‘Come into Your Heart’ Crystal Meditation Course is £40 for all 4 weeks or £12.50 per week.  Attend one or all four.
Kim is one of our Team Members, and you can learn more about her on her Directory Listing Page.
The meditations are also freely available on SoundCloud by Crystal Caroline.



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


£40 for the 4 weeks or £12.50 per week - Join us for one week or all four.

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