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Breathe & Live Yoga

Join Michelle Higgins for an exploration of the breath. We spend so much time nowadays focused on keeping the body healthy and looking good but we often neglect the breath.

Breathing correctly is fundamental to our physical and mental health and is essential in a yoga asana practice to guide us in and out of postures and to keep us safe whilst in the asana.

In this Breathe & Live workshop, we shall look at the causes of us breathing badly. We shall examine Pranayama ( breathing techniques ) and how we can use them to optimize our health. We shall then move onto a breath-focused physical practice with postures to free up areas of the body where we hold tension and stiffness preventing us from breathing optimally. We shall examine the use of the breath in a flow-based practice.

Suitable for beginners .
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10:30 am - 1:00 pm


£25 This event will only run if 3 people have booked and paid by 3 June 2020

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