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The How-To of Good Gut Health

New Milton

The gut microbiome is a complex community of over 100 trillion microbes and has the power to determine our mental health, our food choices and our ability to fight off life-threatening illnesses. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and autism, as well as obesity, bowel cancer, IBS, Chrohn’s disease and inflammation, plus many more illnesses, can be […]

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Phenomenal Women


An incredible day of phenomenal women to encourage and inspire you. Our Phenomenal Speakers. Sylvia Mac: Child Burn Survivor, Campaigner & Founder of LOVE DISFIGURE. She encourages everyone to embrace their body regardless of how they look and believes that we are all beautiful and unique. Fatima Timbo is a little woman with a condition […]

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Dorset Holistic Spiritual Group



The next DORSET SPIRITUAL HOLISTIC GROUP community event will be about why people choose to stay earthbound. The reasons as to why they don’t go into the light. THE SPEAKERS SUE JOHNSON-HEWITT –  Sue qualified as a teacher in Spiritual Philosophy in 1997. This helped her to mentor many people on their pathway, either on […]

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