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As we ‘Awake’, we may feel that those around us begin to alienate us. We can feel isolated and this is when we begin to look to connect with our Soul Tribe.

Know that thousands have walked this path before you. And now Gaia is awakening many, many more, just like you, to their path of awakening.

Happy woman on beachDuring this time, it is very important that we connect with our Soul Tribe. We help support each other, learning from each other’s experiences and wisdom.

Contrary to what others may be telling you, you are not mad. You are simply awakening to the truth of what life is really about. This awakening has been prophesied by many of our indigenous cultures around the world.

Finding others on the path to awakening enables us to feel mentally and emotionally safe. Our Soul Tribe can help us grow and develop in ways we may not be able to imagine at this time.

My name is Annie Corder-Mills, the founder of New Forest Mind Body Spirit.  Like you, I too have some family that think I’m ‘mad’. 

However, I no longer let that bother me, as I also have the support of my extended Tribe.

Here in the New Forest, Hampshire, I find I am surrounded by some very interesting and evolved people. When we meet, we talk about some very weird and wonderful stuff.  It helps us understand our path and evolve spiritually and mentally.

In the book, Birthing a New Civilization, Diana Cooper takes stock of where humanity stands in its evolutionary development looking at the current transition towards 2032.  The Daily Om website has a great explanation and guide.

Why struggle alone, when we can connect and expand our knowledge and learning together.  This was the inspiration for the birth of New Forest Mind Body Spirit.

Search our Directory and Events section to find and learn from your Soul Tribe.

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