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10 Ways Homeopathy Could Transform Your Life

Sue Leach, owner of THE NATURAL HEALTH HUB, has been a homeopath for 15 years. She outlines 10 reasons to choose homeopathy over conventional medicine     Kit yourself out for day-to-day ailments You don’t have to have a degree in homeopathy to use it highly effectively on a day-to-day basis. With a kit of […]

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7 Types of Meditation & How To Choose

Meditation may be deeply rooted in ancient culture, but its benefits have never been more relevant. Regular meditation can be transformative; its impact goes far beyond temporary stress relief. It provides crucial time for relaxation and awareness, cultivating inner peace and harmony while elevating us both physically and mentally. And in a fast-paced society bursting […]

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A Yoga Toolbox for Living. By Varvara Dranidis-Morgan

Yoga is one BIG beautiful toolbox of practices, methods & techniques to use in our everyday life.  When we develop our own Yoga Toolbox for Living, it will support, reassure and guide us through our good and not so good experiences. You may not yet be aware of the vast and varied styles of Yoga […]

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forest bathing

Forest Bathing Can Be Transformative For Your Health

  Why Forest Bathing Can Be Transformative For Your Health   Forest Bathing is one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare. It’s now finally finding its place in Western culture, and we couldn’t be happier.     What could be better than taking time to totally unwind, connect with the earth and be at one […]

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10 Types of Yoga & Their Key Benefits

10 Types of Yoga & Their Key Benefits There are so many different types of yoga: that’s the beauty of this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice.   But we know that alongside all this choice, there can come confusion.    Which style is the right one for me? Should I commit to only one […]

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group of people at sunset

Connect With Your Soul Tribe

As we ‘Awake’, we may feel that those around us begin to alienate us. We can feel isolated and this is when we begin to look to connect with our Soul Tribe. Know that thousands have walked this path before you. And now Gaia is awakening many, many more, just like you, to their path […]

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First Tribe Gathering

January 2019 was very first Holistic Well-Being Tribe gathering and more than 30 therapists attended.  Founder of New Forest Mind Body Spirit, Annie Corder-Mills, explained what her vision was and there was much excitement in the room.  Unanimously, everyone agreed that the mission of New Forest Mind Body Spirit, to help and support the holistic […]

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