Our Vision

New Forest Mind Body Spirit was launched in June 2019 and the intention of the business is that Dorset & Hampshire will become known as the best place to experience the many aspects of Mind Body & Spirit.

The New Forest is a national park, with free-roaming wild ponies, cattle, deer and even pigs in the Autumn.  It is nestled in the west of Hampshire and just on the border of Dorset.  Some of the UK’s best therapists were drawn to live in this area of outstanding beauty and we would like to introduce you to them.

We believe that Dorset & Hampshire is a wonderful and magical place for healing the mind body and spirit.


About Annie

Annie Corder-Mills has led a very interesting life. For almost twenty years of her life, she travelled mostly independently, backpacking around the world and has lived in various countries, including Argentina, America and Spain. She was also a sailor for a number of years and has crewed yachts crossing from Spain to the Caribbean and also Brazil, as well as having lived aboard yachts cruising SE Asia and the Caribbean.

In her forties, she decided to ‘retire’ from travelling and returned to live in the UK. She settled in Brighton for a while, and it was during this time that she found that, without the distraction of changing scenery on a regular basis, her mind began to go within. She realised that something was ‘broken’ deep inside her, and she began to seek ways to deal with the depression that was beginning to engulf her.

Annie moved into a Buddhist community and found some support whilst living there. The teachings of Buddha helped her immensely, but she desperately needed to find professional holistic well-being support to navigate the rising tide of her depression. However, with a lack of finance, Annie was finding life becoming increasingly difficult.

She was guided by her Spirit Guide to move back to her home town of Dumfries, Scotland. But the depression didn’t improve. It was mid-2012 that Annie decided that she could no longer bear the immense pain of the depression and thus planned to end her life. Fortunately, she met her now-husband, therapist and Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills.

Tony was living on the island of Mallorca and Annie decided to join him. Through Tony’s help, her depression ended and she began to love life again. Annie took over running Tony’s therapy business, and many of her therapist friends said that they wished they had someone helping them in the same way. It wasn’t until some years later, after being drawn to move to the New Forest in early 2016, that Annie began to receive a vision from her Guide that she was to create a business called New Forest Mind Body Spirit.

Today, that vision has become a reality, and as the business develops, the vision given to Annie from her Spirit Guide will reveal itself into the business.  Annie’s hope is that New Forest Mind Body Spirit will be a guiding light and help bring health and well-being to many.

If you are interested to support Annie as a volunteer in helping her in developing the business, she would be delighted to hear from you.  Annie would most appreciate help from people who can support her in developing and running the Tribe events and business.  Please email Annie with details of the skills you feel you would like to offer on a voluntary basis.

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